Pompey Pirates

Our first hub, The Pompey Pirates, launched in the heart of the Charles Dickens Ward, Portsmouth in September 2020.

The Pompey Pirates provides an intensive, year long, catch up programme run from our bespoke, pirate themed hub.

We created the Pompey Pirates project with the inspiration and support of our friends at The Literacy Pirates. 

Session times

Monday:  12:30 – 3:15 and 14:45 – 17:00

Tuesday: 12:15 – 14:45 and 15:00 – 17:30

Wednesday: 12:15 – 14:45  and  15:15 – 18:15

Thursday: 12:15 – 14:45   and 15:15 – 18:15

Friday:  12:15 – 14:45

Pompey Pirates Projects

Working towards published projects is an important part of our programme at Pompey Pirates. Producing a tangible outcome is a great motivator, and many of the children comment that this is one of their favourite parts of our sessions – getting to write for a real purpose!

Project 1: Becoming a published author

During the first term of the programme, the young pirates get to let their imaginations run wild as they work on crafting and polishing their own short story. Their finished tales of treasure, trials, and adventure on the high seas are collated into a published collection of short stories.

Project 2: Creating a film

For our second project the pirates build on their story writing skills to develop a screenplay for an adventure film. With technical support from local filmmakers, they are able to bring their scripts to life; starring in the roles they have written for their very own movie!

Project 3: Becoming a radio presenter

In our final project the pirates collaborate to produce an hour long radio show, aired on local radio station Express FM. Focusing on a range of language techniques, the pirates use their powers of persuasion to let people know about a cause or topic that is close to their hearts. You can download and listen to the interesting and informative shows created by our 2020/21 cohort of pirates, here.