What We Do

We help communities across Portsmouth gain the literacy skills they need to thrive.

The Literacy Hubs provides unique, creative and adventurous learning environments that inspires young people, from the least advantaged communities, to improve their literacy skills and fall in love with reading and writing.


We collaborate with local communities to create a range of literacy hubs across the area. Each hub will be designed to best support the literacy needs of the community it serves. Our first hub The Pompey Pirates provides 1-1 literacy catch up support for disadvantaged children aged 9-13. You can find out more about The Pompey Pirates, here.


We work with local communities to create a hub that best supports their literacy needs. This might involve young people or adults. Each hub will have a different approach because every community has different needs and this is the best way to create lasting change. Every hub will bring together local partners in our communities across Portsmouth where low levels of literacy are seriously impacting people’s lives. 


We couldn’t do what we do without our incredible volunteers. We are currently recruiting volunteers for The Pompey Pirates, and The Portsea Sailors. Click here to find our more.

Pompey Pirates

The Pompey Pirates provides an intensive, year long, catch up programme run from our bespoke, pirate themed hub.

Why are we needed?

Nearly a quarter of the children in Portsmouth live in poverty. Children from low-income backgrounds are twice as likely to fall below expected levels of reading and writing by age 11 than their peers from wealthier homes. Therefore, they are already at least two years behind in reading ability when they start secondary school, putting them at a huge disadvantage.

Timely support given to a child who is falling behind with their literacy skills can stop them from falling further behind, catch them up with their peers and transform their life, giving them an equal chance to achieve their potential.


The Literacy Hubs is funded by:

The Literacy Hubs is a registered charity. Our charity number is: 1189791